About Us

All of our events include significant networking opportunities between members and other attendees after each presentation. The events are all very moderately priced.

STEP SA aims to provide education in three main areas:

  • Trust law and equity;
  • Estate and succession planning; and
  • Australian and state taxation issues concerning trusts (including superannuation funds).


The Events Program is available on STEP Australia website.

Lectures and group discussions cover both practical and theoretical/jurisprudential issues. Most events are held in the early evenings and consist of lectures or panel discussions. In addition we hold what we call 'Pop Up Discussion Groups' which allow less formal and more in depth discussion and participation on recent lectures, cases or articles. All attendees are encouraged to contribute to the discussion. Attendee numbers are limited.

Papers are almost always provided where lectures have been delivered and often these are substantial resources in their own right. Most papers are made available to STEP members via the STEP website shortly after each event.

The Annual Trusts Symposium is our showcase event each year. The Symposium has become a 'must attend' event for many people. The Symposium is primarily concerned with the 'pure' trusts law. Renowned speakers from around Australia have included superior court judges, academics and senior lawyers.

STEP SA provides a forum in which professionals from different professions (law, accounting and financial planning) across various areas of expertise (such as taxation, trusts and equity including disputes, estate and succession planning) can collaborate and share knowledge and experience increasing their professional skills and ensuring a high standard of services offered to clients. This facilitation of cross professional education creates a high level of awareness and collaboration across the professions. In South Australia there is particular interest and expertise in business families succession issues especially through the Business Families Special Interest Group.

We also have a keen interest in educating the less experienced members of the professions and welcome new attendees.